“For me, photography is first and foremost about interacting with people. I like to develop my photographic portraits from being surprised by their personalities.”
Natascha Uccusic

The portrait work of Natascha Uccusic is part of her quest to present people, whom she finds interesting, not solely as they see themselves. The photographer strives to comprehend the entire personality, a process where also less obvious sides of a person might become visible. For her, the joy of portrait sessions lies in the trust between model and photographer, and in the encounter and the profoundly human exchange between them. Natascha Uccusic carefully selects also the settings for the portraits, which – in their colors, graphical patterns and mood – not only have to fit the appearance of a person. Ideally those settings and scenes would also commence to tell stories, which the viewers of a photograph might wish to complete for themselves.

Her enthusiasm for various kinds of music, namely when performed live, brings Natascha Uccusic up front to the stage of a concert and – in an almost dance-like movement – as close as possible to the musicians. Also in her work about musical performances, concert tours or jam sessions, the photographer puts the human figure of the artists at the center of attention. Her love for detail allows her to photographically carve out the expressive potential of hands raging over instruments, of glances exchanged between members of a band, of energetic movements across the stage and beyond, and – above all – the flow of emotions contained in the music itself and within the interaction of band and audience in the concert performance.
Natascha Uccusic also enjoys working with musicians and other performing artists outside their usual habitat of concert halls and theaters. The mise-en-scène around artistic personalities for her offers a wide range of interesting creative opportunities between storytelling and portraiture of the members of a band or ensemble. Here the photographer’s special care for inspiring and impressive settings comes into play. Single iconic images for a record or musical project or entire series of photographs for a conceptual visualization may result from such a photoshoot on location.

The movements of the bodies of dancers across the space of a stage inspire Natascha Uccusic to photographic interpretations of the many artistic dimensions of a modern dance performance. Capturing the emotional qualities of posture, the trajectories of motion and drive as well as the visual renderings from light, color and speed, characterize the photographer’s work for the dance scene. Her long-time passion for the Tango Argentino brings an additional personal angle of experience into play. Working embedded in the rehearsals of a dance troupe and closely following their performance with her camera, is a kind of privileged encounter with the dancers, which Natascha Uccusic specially enjoys.

Natascha Uccusic, born in Vienna, Austria, graduated from the Vienna College of Photography – die grafische in 1998. Her photographic work has been exhibited internationally, including her project “TANGOZANDO” at Galeria Escorxador in Sitges, Spain, in 1999, the portraiture series “PLAY OF EMOTIONS” at the Gallery at the Red Courtyard, in the framework of eyes on – Month of Photography Vienna in 2012, as well as her project of narrative, cinematic portraiture “ENJOY!” in Vienna as member of the artist collective coop.incontro in 2020.

Natascha Uccusic is available for commissions and assignments worldwide, with a focus on portraiture, stage photography, concert photography, tour photography, photographic projects for music promotion and promotion of performing arts and cultural events in general.


Fine Art Prints (Pigment Prints on premium papers) can be ordered on request.



  • TANGO – Lima Art Studio, Vienna, Austria (1998)
  • PULSSCHLAG – Altes AKH, Vienna, Austria (1999)
  • TANGOZANDO – Galeria Escorxador, Sitges, Spain (1999)
  • SPIEL DER EMOTIONEN – Galerie Am Roten Hof, Vienna, Austria (2012)
  • SELECTED AUSTRIAN PHOTOGRAPHY – Stilwerk, Vienna, Austria (2012)
  • KUNST FÜR ALLE – Kunst-VHS, Vienna, Austria (2013)
  • KOPF HOCH – Galerie Sandpeck, Vienna, Austria – Collective Exhibition of coop.incontro (2015)
  • ENJOY – Ausstellungsraum, Vienna, Austria – Collective Exhibition of coop.incontro (2020)
  • HUMAN ART – Ausstellungsraum, Vienna, Austria – Collective Exhibition of coop.incontro (2023)
  • WATER NO WATER – Wasserturm Favoriten, Vienna, Austria – Collective Exhibition of coop.incontro (2024)


Contact: office@uccusic.com