Natascha Uccusic: Born in 1973 in Vienna, Austria, finished the Vienna College of Photography in 1998. The focus of her extensive work lies on picturing people, capturing their faces in expressive portraits, which subsequently leads to many fruitful collaborations with dancers, actors and musicians.

She specialises in handmade (color)photos, handmade film developing, and while enjoying working in digital photography she also loves and excels in the more artistic approach using analog films. She also works as an editor in one of Austria’s renowned newspapers in Vienna.


  • TANGO – Lima Art Studio, Vienna, Austria (1998)
  • PULSSCHLAG – Altes AKH, Vienna, Austria (1999)
  • TANGOZANDO – Galeria Escorxador, Sitges, Spain (1999)

Collective Exhibitions

  • SPIEL DER EMOTIONEN – Galerie Am Roten Hof, Vienna, Austria (2012)
  • SELECTED AUSTRIAN PHOTOGRAPHY – Stilwerk, Vienna, Austria (2012)
  • KUNST FÜR ALLE – Kunst-VHS, Vienna, Austria (2013)
  • KOPF HOCH – Galerie Sandpeck, Vienna, Austria – Collective Exhibition of coop.incontro (2015)
  • ENJOY – Ausstellungsraum, Vienna, Austria – Collective Exhibition of coop.incontro (2020)